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What's Happening on streetpainting.tv
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Watch videos on demand and follow news of popular street painting artists doing what they do best - street painting for your enjoyment and entertainment through our sites, blogs, and microblogging. 
Visit our street painting blog called 'Blog Now on streetpainting.tv' for interviews and photos from artists and festival directors. Tweet with us on streetpaintngTV, BlogNowonSPTV, and become a fan on our Facebook group 'Blog Now on streetpainting.tv'.

From streetpainting.tv:

Streetpainting.tv is offers live streaming broadcasting as well as video on demand for the many artists, festivals, and fans of street painting through Livestream.com.  If you are interested in having a live street painting festival or art themed broadcast live online - talk to us... 

Feel free to embed our player, chat, and keep in touch with us so we can bring you timely, intelligent, and entertaining street painting art programming and information.  we want to hear from you

Send us your original street painting video*

Are you a street painter who has new, original street painting art that you would like to have shown on streetpainting.tv? This can be a place where you can make your work seen to an interested street painting art audience. We would like to hear from you - for more details, please contact us.

*Please keep in mind that your video should be about your street paintings and street painting style without self promotion. These videos are meant for viewer entertainment purposes and not for artists promoting themselves, their contact information, or a company or client the artist worked for.

Post your thoughts on street painting

Post your thoughts on street painting as an artist, a festival director, team member, or one of street paintings many fans across the USA and around the world. Our Blidget (above) will keep you up to date with the latest posts of street painting artists, festivals, and as many stills of street painters in action as fans care to send and we can reasonably post*.

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